Tips for Active Reading Using Dialogic and Interactive Reading Methods

Supercharge your reading time with your little one by employing dialogic reading. Dialogic reading encourages caregivers and children to engage in dialog while reading together. Below are some simple tips for incorporating dialogic reading into your story time. 


P: Prompt your child to say something about the book. See CROWD section for prompts. (For example: What animal is that?
E: Evaluate the response. (Yes, that's right!
E: Expand on the response by re-phrasing and adding more information. (That's a brown bear wearing a red hat.)
R: Repeat the prompt. (Can you point to the brown bear?)

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C: Completion prompts. (Old McDonald had a _____)
R: Recall prompts. Use with books you and your child have read several times. (What happened? What will happen?)
O: Open-Ended prompts. (What is happening on this page? In this picture?)
W: Wh prompts such as what, when, where, why, and how questions. Point to an object in the book and ask the Wh question to build vocabulary and boost critical thinking skills. 
D: Distancing prompts to ask children to relate the book to their own lives. (Remember when we visited the fire station? What did you see there? Do you see afire truck in this book?)

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