Learning @ Home

Activities and resources to keep your little one engaged


Play time is also brain building time. Find a list of fun and easy ideas below. 

100 Ways to Play - Boston Children's Museum
Zero to Three
The Toyary 

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Sensory Exploration 

Kids love exploring different textures, which helps them make sense of the word around them. 
Sensory Play Activities 
Easy Playdough Recipe 
Action for Healthy Kids

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Science, math, and the arts are all around us. Explore with your child! 
Adding Math to Your Daily Routine 
Exploring Shapes
Play With Your Food

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Fine Motor Skills

Developing fine motor skills will eventually lead to learning to write, draw, and perform self-care tasks. 
Fun Activities 

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Arts and Crafts

Ready to embrace your child's creative side? Find a list of simple crafts and supplies below. 
The Spruce Crafts
Tinker Lab 

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Social Emotional Learning 

Learning how to manage big emotions, navigate friendships, and tackle challenges are important milestones for our children. Find out how to support their social-emotional development. 
PBS Kids
Zero To Three

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Pre-Recorded Stories, Songs, and More!